401(k) Retirement Plan Management Responsible Stewardship of Your Employees' Assets

Hauser’s 401(k) and Retirement Plan Division delivers the expertise and strategic services needed by private equity firms to be informed about the retirement plans offered by their portfolio companies. We combine our industry experience with technology-driven resources to generate valuable recommendations that benefit our private and public company clients.

Hauser’s team conducts analytical reviews of 401(k) and retirement plans to support plan sponsors with fiduciary compliance, cost mitigation and optimal plan performance.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • In-depth investment due diligence and analysis
  • Extensive benchmarking on services and fees
  • Full RFP vendor searches (design, fees, services)
  • Thorough, streamlined process from data gathering to analysis to finalist presentation
  • Integrated report with more than 350 data points
  • Complete total cost analysis, including revenue sharing
  • Integrated investment platform rankings for clearer analysis
  • Complete plan resources, compliance and fiduciary support
  • Best practices in planning, execution and service
  • Scorecard℠ system for fund ranking
  • Investment analysis reports
  • Asset allocation fund monitoring
  • Investment policy statements
  • Quarterly market summary

Hauser’s expert 401(k) services provide added value, including:

  • Complying with rigorous ERISA standards
  • Conducting independent reviews of funds and providers
  • Providing updates on regulations impacting plans and fiduciaries
  • Maintaining qualified status while plans meet goals and objectives
  • Ensuring efficient, cost-effective fund administration
  • Educating employees regarding the plan, investment strategies and retirement readiness
  • Serving as a co-fiduciary with respect to investment advice
  • Fully disclosing all fees