Private Equity Focused Risk Advisory

HAUSER’s Private Equity Risk Advisory Practice is the culmination of our extensive experience servicing the investment community and diverse backgrounds including insurance, human capital and management consulting. The group’s primary function is to act as an extension of our Private Equity clients’ operations teams; effectively serving as the outsourced risk management operations partner.

Most middle market and lower-middle market sponsors do not have the in-house expertise or resources to effectively quantify, analyze or execute upon risk management and human capital strategies on macro and micro basis – this is where HAUSER’s Private Equity Risk Advisory Practice comes in. HAUSER is the only national insurance broker providing these services on an institutional basis.

Purchasing Efficiencies

  • EBITDA margin enhancement
  • Leveraged sourcing strategies
  • Benchmarking within the portfolio and externally
  • Consistent methodology to insurance purchasing decisions
  • Downside protection
  • Portco advocate ensuring exceptional service and results

Consistent Communication

  • Facilitate 360 degree communication between Sponsor, Portco and Broker – not only during diligence
  • Periodic Portfolio Review meetings providing updates across the portfolio and industry
  • SWOT analysis by Portco
  • Strategic and exposure changes
  • Portco stakeholders and decision makers
  • Coordination of resources

Strategic Guidance 

  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Cross-portfolio strategies
  • Due Diligence coordination
  • Coverage gaps
  • Alternative structures / opportunities
  • Risk mitigation vs. trasnfer
  • Broker agnostic

Cyber Risk Officer

More Than Just Insurance

HAUSER Cyber Risk Officer is our SaaS based platform providing clients with quantified, actionable and continuously repeatable Cyber Maturity Assessments, Risk Modeling & Analytics, Threat Intelligence and Risk Scoring. Our CRO tool can be utilized as part of diligence or to assess the ongoing cyber security of portcos, vendors or the GP. Incorporated into the PE Risk Advisory Practice, Cyber Risk Officer provides actionable insights to help share portfolio wide strategies and risk mitigation initiatives.